Red Jasper is a stone that represents the base chakra.

A healthy base (or first) chakra is “collected” of its energy. It is “potent.” This is true for red jasper, as well. A healthy base chakra has an abundance of balanced energy that aids one’s creativity. Like a full squeezy tube, the contents naturally oozes out. In the same way, red jasper helps to keep your “base” full and vital, so that creativity is the natural result.

Red jasper is useful to promote healthful, balanced sexual relationships and expression. In fact, red jasper is even said to aid people to “find” their unique sexual identity. It is also a useful talisman for warding off jealous and unfair romantic competition. It is a bringer of “just” and “right” relationships. According to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, red jasper “balances aggressive energy.”

Wherever “fairness” is needed, red jasper can help.

For children who are being bullied, or for people experiencing domestic violence, red jasper can bring great comfort and balance. It brings courage and confidence to anyone, which can quickly or slowly, quietly steer the situation into improvement.

For those who feel under psychic attack, or for those who have to deal with a really “unhinged” individual, wear two or three red jasper stones in a pouch—it has been a historical remedy.

Red jasper is a wonderful stone that lends the properties of strength, endurance, and courage. It is great for those who have professions or life circumstances where hard work is the norm. Red jasper helps to fortify and “smooth out” those activities and lifestyles, making them easier to bear.

Physically, red jasper is a great stone to aid the corporeal body.

It is said to have a positive effect on the muscular and vascular systems, in particular. It is a good stone for bodybuilders, aiding stamina, strength, and vitality. For someone who is weak or convalescing, red jasper holds a beautiful “bridge” energy which helps to provide the energy of a strong physicality until the person can get there themself.

In regard to the circulation system, red jasper is a “regulator.” If someone needs fortification, as with pregnancy, or needs strength (as with certain heart conditions), red jasper is your stone.

Red jasper has special historical associations to feminine strength and inspiration, and with ancient goddesses such as Isis, (the Egyptian goddess of life), and with Cerridwen, (the Welsh goddess of inspiration and knowledge). The deep red color has meanings in the West for “masculinity,” but for the ancients, of “femininity.” (Crystals and reminds us of this paradox.)

If someone has a condition of “excess” such as nosebleeds, or toxic stagnation, red jasper helps to bring a person out of excess and back to balance. These are historical uses.

Think of red jasper as the holder of “earth energy.”

It is “solid” but “energetic,” “contained” but “giving.” It finds balance in the face of extremes. It has a calmness in the presence of exhausting situations.

Because it IS the reflection of a collected state of balance, it also holds the properties of fairness. It holds justness as an inalienable right. Red jasper was thought of and used as a “rain bringer” in some societies, bringing balance to dry times, says Crystal Vaults.

Hold a red jasper at your base chakra (at your pubic bone) until you feel lighter. Then move to the second chakra (2” under your belly button) until you feel more clear there, too. Then hold at the third chakra (solar plexus) and repeat.

The heart, the throat, and the third eye, and even the crown of the head can all be cleansed by the purifying, energizing, and balancing properties of red jasper. Charms of Light reminds us that red jasper is thought of as a “supreme nurturer.”

Keep a red jasper in your car to deflect road rage and to call in safe driving environments. Keep a few stones on your desk if you work long hours or nights. Keep one in your pocket for long hikes, or for laborers who work hard all day. Thank you red jasper!


This bulletin is for informational and historical context only and is not intended to act as a medical guide, diagnosis, or suggestion for treatment of any medical or other condition. Seek medical help for medical conditions.  © Sylvia Skefich 2021